Oh, brave new world, and all the machines in it.

AUTOMATE-ANYTHING.AI Mass introduction and adoption of Robotic Process Automation (RPA), no-code automation and no-code development platforms (NCDPs).

RPA, no-code automation, and no-code development platfomrs (NCDPs) are a rapidly emerging technology and strategy that will fundamentally change how SSCs (Shared Service Centre's) operate, slashing the effort for routine tasks and enabling advanced cognitive applications that augment or replace human judgment in knowledge-based processes

Unlocking digital transformation together with our clients by combining individual platforms and introducing them as joint strategic capabilities in IT landscapes.

Driving with our clients their added business value, time-to-value differentation and agility through this for their customers, employees and partners ecosystems.

Innovation is combination.

Digital transformation and digital innovation is platform combination.

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"Innovation is combination." *)

"The truth is that innovation is never a single event, but happens when fundamental concepts combine with important problems to create an impact."

"For this also a new mindset is needed as in the late part of that century (1800s). By the beginning of the 20th century, the technology (electricity) came into wide use in factories, but strangely, it provided little tangible benefit at first.

The problem, as it turned out, wasn’t with electricity, but the factories themselves. In a steam driven plant, machines had to be organized around the power source and the first factories powered by electricity were designed the same way. Work processes changed little and productivity barely budged.

It took about thirty years for a new generation of managers, who had little memory of steam plants, to realize that factories could become much more efficient if they were designed around workflow. Once that happened, soared and industry, along with quality of life, was transformed.

In much the same way, although computers and the Internet have been around for decades, we are just beginning to (digitally) transform our enterprises to make full use of information technologies. To a great extent, we are still very much like those turn of the century managers who were designing factories - in our case target IT landscapes, target enterprise architectures and capabilities- around a steam turbine that no longer existed - being in our case legacy applications, and on-prem and no perception of cloud compute, and adding even more technical debt than reducing it in a landscape at higher operational cost and inefficiency.

The truth is that innovation is never a single event, but happens when fundamental concepts combine with important problems to create an impact." **)

* Gregg Setal, "Innovation is Combination", digitaltonto.com, 5 February 2015.
** Gregg Setal, "Innovation is Never a Single Event, digitaltonto.com, 2 August 2015.

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Talents result in a profile, and ones competences required to the role he/she will take on in a team ane on specific use cases the required persona as a best fit.

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Strong inner drive, and deep feeling for purpose, mastery and autonomy.

Hyper execution of IT strategies and strategic roadmaps by a no-nonsense, hands-on and transparent mentality based on trust in building and leading international teams, and managing vendors, implementation partners, teams and other stakeholders.

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Strategic development & planning, senior technical project leader, senior integration and cloud consultant/specialist/architect/SME, IT strategy & execution and enabling the needed organization as well as technology/platform change as they are related and impact each ther.

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Our clients are already innovating with the upcoming platforms capabilites, technology and trendssuch as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and DeFi (decentralized finance) all fully API-driven and through automated APIs in business areas as finance, legal and dynamic (near) real-time pricing.

The potential is huge.

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IT landscapes usually consist of a mix of SaaS, PaaS, IaaS (or a move to this) and a hybrid infra (Azure, AWS and/or GCP) as well as on-prem (legacy) applications.

Target and/or source systems usually include from a best-of-breed SaaS application, platform strategy and target IT landscape, target capablilites, target (integration) enterprise architectures with Azure Comsos DB, MS AX, MS CRM, MS Dynamics, MS Sharepoint, Salesforce, SAP, SiteCore and/or other headless Digital Experience Platform (DXP) based on APIs and decoupling by this the front-ends (head) as the successor of Web Content Management (WCM) and prior to that Web Content Management and by this not storing data in a database or on the file system and making it available through RESTful APIs, TensorFlow, Qlik, Workday, and Zuora.

If monoliths and technical debt is present in the landscape, being: custom(ized) software, point-to-point integrations and/or an traditional code-heavy on-prem Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) such Biztalk, SAP PI/PO, Sonic ESB, TIBCO) they are usually planned to be phased out and migrate to central low-code iPaaS and even no-code iSaaS, API mMnagement and API Gateway(s).

And not to forget of course the mass migrations and adoptions of public, private, hybrid and multi-cloud at the moment based on IaaS, and usually towards a Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure here in NL.